Watch: Loretta Devine Re-Confirms Terry McMillan ‘Waiting To Exhale’ Sequel Is In The Works with Lee Daniels

Posted November 10, 2020

Fans of the timeless classic ‘Waiting To Exhale‘ have been waiting over 25 years for a sequel to the hit 1995 film and now they just might be getting it.

The original film starred Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, Lela Rochon, and Loretta Devine and was produced by Terry McMillan and Forest Whitaker as an adaption of McMillan’s 1992 novel. 

Now Loretta Devine is confirming that there is a long-awaited sequel in the works. During a recent interview with Tamron Hall the actress revealed:

“Well I know Terry and I think Lee Daniels is working on something because she’s been trying to get Waiting To Exhale back for so many years. And because it changed so much for everybody. Not just black women but also, so many shows came out of that with the same girlfriend format that they use.”

“But I think they’re doing something about the kids of the women, and I think that’s going to be coming out so look forward, there’s a lot of stuff that is being developed to look forward to that, its a lot of stuff being developed”

This isn’t the first time talk of a sequel has gotten fans stirred up.

Back in early 2012, there were talks of the sequel being in the works and reportedly all the original casts were on board including Whitney Houston.

Unfortunately, the iconic singer would ultimately pass just weeks after talks reportedly began and those plans were put on hold.

Years later in 2016, Devine confirmed that the sequel talks were also back up and running then.

Are you here for the sequel?

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