Must See: Sheryl Underwood Goes All The Way Off On Her ‘The Talk’ Co-Hosts & White America Over Ignoring Black Lives Being Taken By Police [Video]

Posted September 20, 2016


Sheryl Underwood has had her fair share of headline making moments on ‘The Talk‘ but today (Sep. 20), by far was her most emotional and it will certainly be making headlines.

During the discussion of racial profiling and specifically the most recent police shooting of unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher in Tulsa-the ladies had a much needed dialogue, which took a turn when Sheryl expressed her frustration with the current climate of black lives being taken at the hands of police in this country with no recourse or accountability.

While discussing good cops vs. bad cops, Underwood got emotional while declaring that bad cops need to be held accountable for their actions and that white America needs to stop being naive about these incidents and injustices toward blacks and if stand up against any and all injustices that occur in this country. Get into the powerful and emotional moment below.

50 responses to “Must See: Sheryl Underwood Goes All The Way Off On Her ‘The Talk’ Co-Hosts & White America Over Ignoring Black Lives Being Taken By Police [Video]”

  1. Ap says:

    Whoever reaponsible for the subtitles your stupid and deaf.

  2. Frank Elliott Schneller says:

    How do we even know thier white then? Just a thought.

  3. Frank Elliott Schneller says:

    I live in a neighborhood where there is more Blacks then Whites and it’s pretty quite and safe are.

  4. Trillionare says:

    There cowards, Whites go through the trouble of making a fake profile to spew out there racist remarks. Whites wait until other whites that feels the way they feel are around and then they get heart to be racist. Catch one of these whites alone and they are just as timid and scared as they can be. It baffles me too.

  5. Jason Estepp says:

    I will say the shooting with the therapist on the ground was wrong and this most recent one was wrong …. Not every situation the cops are so delicate with just white people like with that white woman mentioned in the video but def. agree this last shooting was wrong but like I always say it’s not just black people being shot by police and its not always racism when it happens sometimes these cops are to scared and timid to have the job they have … Yes there is racism from all corners of the earth some white hate some black and vice versa some Asians hate some blacks and vise verse same with some Hispanics and every other race … Racism does exsist and seems to be getting worse and not better we as a people need to come together as a whole and fight the system instead of fighting with each other white people dont need to blame all blacks for violence and blacks don’t need to blame all whites for racism until we can do that things will never get better

  6. Nice! says:

    They love to leave out the part where he continued to walk away, and reached into his car. Which can clearly be seen on the tape. Should he have been shot, no. But just because, at some point, he had his hands up doesn’t’ change the fact that when he was shot he was reaching into his fucking car. Whites are killed more by police. Yes, there are more whites than blacks, BUT the 13% of African Americans commit over 60% of the violent crimes. These are fucking facts, my friends. Not to mention, he plead no contest, in 1996 for carrying a concealed weapon. But who cares, right?

    • Openmind28 says:

      Well you should recheck your “facts” because you can’t reach into a car if the door is closed and the windows are up. His blood was splattered on the wndow. How does that happen if the window is down? When he was shot he was on the ground because he had just been tasered. Watch the video yourself instead of listening to the bullshit lies ppl are saying.

  7. Nice! says:

    So when you wlak back to your vehiclewhile 5 cops have guns on you, and you reach into your car, shoudl the cops just wait to see what it is that he is reaching for? You do realize he was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon in his past, right?

    • Openmind28 says:

      And white ppl are historically the most violent race to exist . Oh but that’s the past right. So ten years ago you did something. Should you be held accountable for that today. He didn’t reach inside of a window that was up. It’s impossible. He was on the ground when the cop in the helicopter shot him. Not one of the cops that was on the ground near him.

      • Alon Dehan says:

        Oh, right, not like they’re still fighting over shit in Africa. Those people aren’t black, why, they’re all white people, right?

        God, you are a racist piece of shit. This is why things like this are never taken seriously, because to help fight the problem, the average white person has to sacrifice their dignity and be accused of being awful just for their skin color.

        Then you have the audacity to call us racists just because cops are out of line and racist sometimes.

    • Just saying says:

      Really, you can be a terrorist in this country and live and because your skin is black and you are big you die because you are a threat, what is more threatening a bomb or a unarmed black man, they didn’t know what he was convicted of when they encountered him, ALWAYS BRINGING SOMEONE’S PAST INTO THINGS, but when blacks bring up injustices and slavery, which is our past, it’s forget about that, that’s the past, you will never understand because you don’t live in our skin, you don’t face the problems that we face, you don’t encounter what we encounter, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW, NOR GET IT!!!!

    • Poppy Da'Man says:

      ‘Nice’… to know you don’t get it cause racist like your azz lie instantaneously just as the white bch cop did!!!!
      #The SUV Windows Where UP And Never Down B4 nor During or After THE Innocent Unarmed Black Man was Murdered by Racist White Police Woman/Animal!

    • Cleo Brown says:

      if he was reaching in his car window, why does the video shows his car window was up and blood from him being shot was streaked on the window. The window that was rolled up and he was supposedly reaching into. If he was convicted in the past for carrying a concealed weapon, Did the police know that at that moment or was that found out after they shot and killed him,he was leaving college trying to go home when his vehicle broke down,nothing shows that he was a threat or eminent danger to any one, give it time and to excuse the murder of this American citizen who by the way is legal, the police will dig up any and every thing to discredit him and for that matter his whole family,the police officer that shot and killed him will be excused as usual, and while this blatant racist mentality is being excused,towns,events and innocent citizens will be wholesale slaughtered by terroists who come and go as they please, right here in the good old USA, while the resources that could be used to police everybody ,and keep every body safe is targeted on the black community, international laws are in place right at this moment that restrains the USA from using certain techniques(WATERBOARDING) to get information from known terroists that are a threat to this country, and a black man can’t get home to his family without threat of death at any given moment from the police department, any where in these United States No, I CAN’T KEEP SILENT or CALM, I AM A MOTHER OF BLACK CHILDREN.

    • Joi says:

      So I guess his past conviction was written on his head huh??? Idiot!! Also his hands were visibly in the air!!! Now justify that!

    • Dee says:

      Well how do you know they didn’t tell him to go back to his car? Or were you there?

    • It doesn't matter says:

      The only problem with that theory, that he was reaching for his gun, is the damn window was up! You can see his blood splattered on the window. So now, what’s your excuse? I can’t wait for your idiotic response!

    • kennethmw says:

      Considering that the door was closed and the window was up, how was he reaching into the car? Was he Merlin the Magnificent?

    • Eleanora Jones says:

      It has been proven that HE DID NOT REACH INTO HIS CAR BECA– USE THE WINDOW WAS UP….Pay Attention

      • Openmind28 says:

        He won’t because he never watched the video nor followed the story. He’s listening to the bs they put out there.

    • Loyaltee Respekt says:

      His WINDOW WAS UP, CAR DOOR WAS CLOSED he didn’t reach for anything. HE WAS COMPLYING. There is a genuine fear that we as black people feel when encountering the police, not because of any wrong doing but because there is a very real possibility that encounter will cost our lives. Time and time again it’s been proven a reason is not required in the eyes of law enforcement to use deadly force with people of color. That is unacceptable.

    • Nope Not Me says:

      So what he had a past! Do you see that his window was not down enough for him to reach anywhere! What do they have tasers for? They used it AFTER he was shot! I dont give a shit about his past! That does not define him as a man who was supposed to die with his hands in the air!
      A really dumbass statement!

    • Jacqueline Douglas Whittington says:

      Spell check stupid and you are just repeating some bullshit you krackers do to justify your treachery

    • Equality7 says:

      You make me sick to my stomach, you are so ugly inside and out, I hope you rot in Hell for eternity.

  8. Nice! says:

    He wasn’t murdered with his hands up. He was shot when he reached into his car, but I guess the police should simply wait and see what guy is reaching for, right? He was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon before, but hey, who cares, right?

  9. Warren Stallings says:

    things gonna be a lot different come Jan 2017. right sweetie. hope you enjoyed the ride. move to chicago thats going great for your home boy.

  10. Laura Smith says:

    Ya, that’s the answer…idiot

  11. Greg Rickard says:

    I’m so sick of hearing this crap. BLM, really cool, genius celebrities, and many of the rest of the liberal/progressives absolutely ignore or are to stupid to understand the stats and facts. This whole delusional, racist movement is based on lies. The truth is out there, but it just doesn’t fit in with the liberal narrative. Instead of screaming, whining, and spouting racist garbage that they’ve heard from the leftist media, liberals should do a little research and actual thinking before they open their mouths.
    “Oh, we need to have a dialogue about race.” “We need to discuss the black and white thing.” For Pete’s sake, that’s ALL we’ve been doing! If you want to put the blame on someone, why not try your messiah, the fool Obama. He has done more to divide this country racially, with his ignorant, knee-jerk, and uncalled for remarks–and for the many racists he has appointed to high government positions. Ironically, he’s done nothing for impoverished blacks and other minorities except offer them less pay and fewer jobs. He is a racist failure of he highest order.
    As for racist groups that advocate killing police and white people–normal citizens, both black and white, are getting tired of putting up with you. Keep it up, and see what happens. Patriotic Americans are not about to bow down to your demands or turn a blind eye to your violence against us. If you want a civil war, then keep up what you’re doing. Despite all of the anger inside of your brainwashed souls, you are vastly outnumbered. Good always conquers evil in the end.

    • Bathazar Xavier says:

      what “good”? you’re that guy who we’ve seen too often. that ignorant white guy who is willfully ignorant. tell your black friend what you just typed and ask me what he says. i’ll wait.

  12. Openmind28 says:

    Because you’re a sick individual. Something is wrong with you. Aside from the fact you’re a punk.

  13. Openmind28 says:

    Here we go again. This is victim shaming. Are you not suppose to be nervous when every time you turn around another unarmed person of color is being murdered. No put the blame where it belongs. The racist punks who hide behind badges and target an entire race of ppl.

  14. Openmind28 says:

    Your ignorance is pathetic.

  15. suburban jane d'oh says:


  16. suburban jane d'oh says:

    and trust me when I say, those numbers are flawed….for the simple fact that police departments are not REQUIRED to report every shooting that happens on their watch to the justice department or the FBI….

    the Guardian’s attempt is good, but not totally true, unfortunately…..

  17. suburban jane d'oh says:

    Google is your friend….

  18. Barb Streeter says:

    What the hell is wrong with you?!

  19. Bathazar Xavier says:

    i invite you to my house. anytime you want to show up.

  20. Shawn says:

    You all do know the female cop that shot the brother was a trainee, she shouldn’t had been in the field to begin with. It doesn’t matter what he did in the past, she shouldn’t had been there point blank. She even admitted it was her third day out in the field, she was too bent on geting her stripes and also prove she can hang with the fellas. She took a life to prove herself. That was her initiation, The police are the biggest gang in the country

    • disqus_HImabBf6dC says:

      I absolutely agree with the gang mentality that permeates the police departments…I fear for my grandson every time he leaves the house….this has got to be taken to court, prosecuted and some heavy jail time handed down

    • Deny_Denial says:

      She was also previously working with the sheriffs department for years before she resigned due to having issues with aggressive force! She was well aware of her actions. She nor any other officer showed no remorse for loss of life. The did however successfully execute a formation with their bodies to attempt to block the dash cam. Which the helicopter ruined for them.

  21. CAP NXT TV (C)/EWN TAG (C) says:

    I am a white male, but I am still appalled by these clearly racist shootings. However we as a country have to do more than just complain when these things happen. The black man has a bad reputation, some of it is deserving some of it is not. That still doesn’t mean they should have to die for it. we spend our time fighting over the color of our skin, we fail to see the true enemy.

  22. shaunnybwoy says:

    I should shown some mercy and shot your mum last night. Bitch said she regretted having a no Goodson of a bitch.

  23. Shawna Frese Martinez says:

    the one chick says that we have a “fear problem” that people are afraid of black men, in particular. you have GOT to ask yourself why and then address the answer to that. there is a reason for that fear. i don’t understand why law abiding black people aren’t pissed right the hell off at the non-law abiding black people for doing things that instills this fear into others. why not take up the problem with them instead of blaming other people? STOP THE CYCLE! personally, i despise the stereotypical white meth-head for causing the problems that they do and creating the reputation that they have. or the cranked out white woman with 8 kids, raping the welfare system and propagating a whole new generation of these kinds of people. i have no time for any of that bullshit, regardless of how they got where they are. the bottom line is that the cycle must be stopped.

    one more thing and then blast away at my “white privilege”…the shouting girl says we all (white people) have no idea what it’s like to be afraid to drive while being a black man – i can guarantee you that there are no black men who have any idea what it’s like to be afraid to walk alone while being a white woman. all i got.

  24. It doesn't matter says:

    It’s ok if you don’t. The movement will still go on, with or without you!

  25. motherhawk says:

    I have given my personal pledge this year that if something is going down and I am there, I will be there, vocally and physically, and offer as much protection as I possibly can. As a white person who has lived a long life, I will have no trouble placing myself in front of any person of color who might need protection. I listened to two black American co-workers this year , a lovely woman inside and out who expressed her complete fear in a very real way and an intelligent man who let me know that he can never, ever express any kind of anger, however miniscule, in public outside of his home because his job and his life may be instantly on the line. I walked out of the building that day and made that pledge. I have had many great experiences with police officers that I admire but I crossed another line this week when the national police union endorsed the racist Trump.

  26. Larry Syid Wright says:

    To all those who defend good cops? It hurts to think that the cop we look at good cops does not expose the bad cops. How can we look at these cops as good cops when they are supporting and protecting cops that use the law to break the law? Black, White, Spanish, Oriental it does not matter the race it’s about the person who letting another person get away with murder. A lot of innocent people are locked up today for be guilty by association and why should the good cop be exempt? This is something that must be dealt with or things will get worse for the police community. I am hurt and sadden that these good officers are being laid to rest because of what a handful of blues bullies has created. These guys get to go home with pay while good officers are being laid to rest. Families and friends mourn the lost while the bad cop sits back in the shadows waiting to be acquitted. See he gets to live on while some family has lost the provider, husband, wife and protector. It’s time to stand up and represent your colors with honor and respect GOOD COPS, It’s time to thank about your FAMILY first and ask GOD to let you live another day and not be the victim of some upset individual who blames you guys for something your racist ass, hating white trash co workers has done. It’s time to be honorable, it’s time to say we had enough and you guys must step down or we are going to bring you down. You can only beat an animal so much before it strike back and Mr. Good Cop it’s time to strike back and do the right thing.

  27. Mark Goodson says:

    Go suck your daddy’s cock, you cunt.

  28. Mark Goodson says:

    The war is coming and I suggest you all get ready.

  29. PH54 says:

    Right On! “They don’t have be taught not to shoot white people, so why do they need to be “taught” not to shoot black people.” Any white people want to trade places with black Americans??? I thought not. So do not say there is no injustice against people of color in the USA. It is time for change from Wall Street to to Main Street. And this is nothing new, here’s a quote from W.E.B. DuBois 1903: Daily the Negro is coming more and more to look upon law and justice, not as protecting safeguards, but as sources of humiliation and oppression. The laws are made by men who have little interest in him; they are executed by men who have absolutely no motive for treating the black people with courtesy or consideration; and, finally, the accused law-breaker is tried, not by his peers, but too often by men who would rather punish ten innocent Negroes than let one guilty one escape.”
    ― W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk

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