Uh Oh: Peter Gunz Calls Cardi B a “Hoe”, Cardi Gets Him All The Way Together in ‘LHHNY’ Reunion Part 2 Sneak Peek [Video]

Posted March 22, 2016


Cardi B did not come here to play with them! On Monday night (March 21) we saw part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion and after coming for BBOD in defense of MariahLynn on part 1, it looks like Cardi is getting some of her other cast mates together the rest of the reunion.

VH1 has unveiled a sneak peek at what’s to come on part 2 of the reunion which will air next Monday (March 28), and in the clip we see as Cardi gets “creep squad” member Peter Gunz, all the way together after he insinuates that she is a hoe and calls out her ass shots. Get into what happens next below.

25 responses to “Uh Oh: Peter Gunz Calls Cardi B a “Hoe”, Cardi Gets Him All The Way Together in ‘LHHNY’ Reunion Part 2 Sneak Peek [Video]”

  1. Jahb1911 says:

    Cardi B always keeps it 100!!

  2. Jennyfromelbloque says:

    Yessss Cardi! Now I think I love her.

  3. Audrey Thurman says:

    Still don’t like the trick she ain’t no good role model for young girls herself but what she said to Peter is true and he no it that’s why he moved. Tara and amina could not say shit.

  4. richard m. hill says:

    Cardi B just told the truth!

  5. Kaneisha Govan-Smith says:

    I like cardi b the chick is honest as hell and 100 all he give these women are babies

    • UdonNo says:

      and they love it. thats why they open up they legs for him. If he was rich like lebron than maybe i would call them smart gold diggers,,, but he’s broke like them so they just dumb hos.

  6. UdonNo says:

    How can a thot tell a dog he’s wrong for knocking up 2 dumb ho’s?? this is one big joke .

  7. Toria Hollins says:

    Cardi servin. No 1 can cast the 1st stone bc we all sin BUT .. we can call a mf out none the less.

  8. Kristin Nefertiti says:

    #FACTS #TRUTH #TalkAboutIt

  9. Diaz Anita says:

    That’s the pother calling the kettle black, THAT MAN IS A MALE SLUT!

  10. Tyra says:

    She shut Peter the hell down. Put dumbass in his place.

  11. eblock says:

    I like her she is funniest AF, and pretty damn smart.ion with the show but her videos are hilarious,I think you can call her a lot of thing but FAKE ain’t one of em

  12. Yes I'm a lady ?? says:

    I don’t know who she is he is or what is even the big fuss over the situation. ..who gives a shit! Moving on!!!!

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