Diplo Reveals He’s Received Oral From A Guy But Doesn’t Consider Himself Gay [Video]

Posted March 14, 2023
images via Diplo IG

Diplo is opening up about his sexuality, and revealing some shocking (or maybe not so shocking) details about his escapades with other men.

While appearing on Emily Ratajkoswski‘s podcast on Tuesday, the famed DJ revealed that he’s 100% sure he’s “gotten a blow*** from a guy before” — although, he can’t recall all the details.

He also revealed that while he doesn’t necessarily identify as gay, he doesn’t think the sexual act with guys makes him gay either because he didn’t make direct eye contact with the guy.

He went on to say off-camera that he might be a “little gay” — however, he reverted to the stance that he’s probably “not not gay.” If that makes any sense.

Check out clips from the conversation below. 

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