Jaguar Wright SLAMS Diddy, Says Christopher Williams Gave Him Head at Bad Boy Offices+Kim Porter Blackmailed Him To Keep His Secrets & More [Video]

Posted September 27, 2020

Following shocking allegations that Rapper/Actor Common attempted to rape her back in the day, and her most recent claims that Mary J. Blige is an undercover lesbian–now singer Jaguar Wright is running her lips again with another set of scandalous allegations.

In a fresh rant, the singer took aim at mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his alleged shady business practices, and made some strong claims regarding him and singer Christopher Williams.

Jaguar revealed that the two had a sexual relationship, after being caught in the act at Bad Boy Records office by an entertainment lawyer who allegedly walked in on the two and was ultimately fired by Diddy and run out of New York. The alleged woman went on to work for Jag and gave her more alleged tea.

Get into the revelations/allegations below.

We hope Jaguar has some good security, and good lawyers.

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