Viola Davis & Jennifer Lopez Are Kicking Ass & Taking Names In New Film ‘Lila & Eve’

Posted June 4, 2015


Academy Award nominee Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez are teaming up and getting real bad ass in their new film ‘Lila & Eve’.  Per Sundance:

When teenage Stephon is killed in a drive-by shooting, his mother, Lila (Davis), slips into a paralyzing grief. She joins a support group for women who have lost children to crime and meets Eve (Lopez), a woman whose little girl was killed the same night as Stephon. Lila and Eve form a friendship, and Lila begins to crawl out of her depression. She develops a burning desire to find justice for her son, and she presses the authorities for answers, but they are slow-moving and ineffective. It’s Eve who has the idea first—join together, find the drug dealers who shot Stephon dead, and bring them to justice themselves.

We’re excited! ‘Lila & Eve’ hits theaters on July 31 but you can catch the trailer below.

via Instagram Last year the Oscars were muddied with the #OscarsSoWhite

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