RHOP: Karen Was Right! Juan Dixon’s Side Chick Comes Forward with Receipts, Robyn Confirms He “Messed Up”+Karen Claps Back Following Reunion [Video]

Posted January 31, 2023

Karen Huger spilled a massive pile of tea on the most recent episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ when she revealed to the group, that she knew details about Robyn Dixon‘s husband, Juan Dixon, and his alleged side chick who he had been spotted holding hands with while strolling through Georgetown.

During the episode, Robyn contacted Juan to make him aware of the rumor that was brewing, to which he erupted and said he would curse her cast mates out for bringing him into their drama. During a group dinner on the same episode, Robyn and Karen hashed it out with Robyn seemingly denying the rumor and filing it as a lie that Karen had made up.

Well, it looks as though Karen might not have been joking or lying after all. A woman has recently come forward revealing that she indeed was Juan’s side chick and even provided receipts including a hotel bill from one of their rendezvous.

The receipts made their way to a Tik Tok vlogger who shared all the deets including that the woman had planned to reach out to RHOP production. The vlogger also revealed that the woman says that she and Juan’s relationship ended after one of their sexual encounters, when he allegedly attempted to pass her off to one of his friends, who came to her hotel room and exposed himself, looking to be “serviced.”

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Well following the receipts making their way to the internet, coupled with the most recent episodes AND the season 7 reunion being filmed just days ago, it seems as though Robyn is feeling the heat and has finally addressed and confirmed that Juan did indeed have a mistress, but says that it is not the woman that Karen mentioned.

Get into it below.


Chris Bassett who was also accused of some shady activity this season has also chimed in on the matter.

Karen also

Bring on this reunion and bring on Season 8! 

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