Ray J Tells The Fellas To Only Wear Black ‘Drawls’ So People Won’t See Your Streaks “Yes Clean Your A**, Wet Wipes Is a Must But Black Is The Safest Bet” [Video]

Posted January 12, 2022
image via Instagram

Ray J has gone viral once again, but this time it’s for something we weren’t expecting.

The singer and Raycon Global mastermind took to social media this week and gave his input on a subject that many can relate to–male hygiene.

Ray feels that men should no longer wear white drawls/underwear so that their “do-do streaks” don’t show!

His commentary got so much feedback that he even came back to clarify that wearing black underwear is no substitute for actually cleaning yourself properly and that all guys should be more thorough with the maintenance of their backside.

Get into it below.

We love our guy Ray J, and he makes some valid points but yes, hygiene is priority first! and let’s not forget, Ray has always promoted cleanliness as per below.

What are your thoughts?

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