New Video: Tisha Campbell ‘Steel Here’

Posted September 21, 2015


Just a few weeks ago, actress Tisha Campbell released a new single ‘Steel Here‘ , her first in over a decade. The track received a lot of critical acclaim and listeners were all here for the inspirational track. Well now the ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ star has unwrapped the tracks official video and apparently has unveiled the deep significance behind the song and visual.

The B. Slade produced track is a testament to Tisha’s survival story one that has a dark secret which we were totally unaware of. Tisha explained in an official press release via The YBF:

“The song “Steel Here” was important to release as my first single and video because it represents a message that all of us can overcome our struggles in life and should forgive ourselves as we move forward into our new light and the life that has truly been planned for us.”

The YBF also reported that Tisha was raped at the age of 3-years-old. The man who violated her sent her a letter apologizing for his actions years later, which allowed Tisha to find forgiveness and a new found freedom in her life. Via press release, it is this letter that is painted on her body in the video.

Tisha added, “Steel is one of the strongest metals on earth and it represents the strength we need to continue on our personal journeys. I appreciate the challenges I have had in life and as I tap on my chest covering my heart, I’m happy to say ‘I’m Steel Here.'”  

Get into the inspiring visual below.

One response to “New Video: Tisha Campbell ‘Steel Here’”

  1. Mamiesim says:

    Nice…..I love it

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