Disgusting: D.C. Morning Show Hosts DJ Quick Silva & DJ 5’9 Ambush Female Host Danni Starr on Air, Social Media Sounds Off [Listen]

Posted March 8, 2018

Today marks ‘International Women’s Day’ around the globe, and on Thursday, DC morning show ‘The Fam In The Morning‘ did everything but empower. The morning show features famed DJ Quick Silva, DJ 5’9 and female co-host, Danni Starr, who took her seat after singer Lil’ Mo left the radio show spot over a year ago.

Daily listeners in the DMV were shocked to tune in this morning and heard an on air dispute between the co-hosts after Quick Silva and 5’9 ambushed their female host with another woman who came to stir up drama.

The woman is a young lady who had applied for a nanny position with Danni days ago via her DM’s, to which her application was not replied to. The young woman came on air unbeknownst to Danni (brought by Silva and 5’9) to clear the air on why she was denied. The act of betrayal did not sit well with Dani (rightfully so), and things quickly went left.

Get into it all below.

Danni later took to social media to speak out on what happened for those that may have been confused and also gave some back story.

Social media is up in arms on the matter as listeners have flooded Danni’s page as well as the radio station and DJ Quick Silva and 5’9’s pages to speak out. One of the most vocal, was Quick’s wife who actually called into the station following the heated confrontation to give her thoughts..and she was NOT here for the shenanigans.


Danni has also issued another statement as of Thursday evening.


Cathy Hughes has responded to the incident and put her foot down! See how she responded HERE.

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