Watch: Remy Ma & Fat Joe Dish Grammy Politics, New Joint Album, Remy’s Album, Addresses Nicki Minaj Beef “I Really Feel Like I Am The Best..I Will Rap Circles Around Them” at ‘The Breakfast Club’

Posted February 16, 2017

Remy Ma and Fat Joe are dropping their new joint album ‘Plata o Plomo’ on this Friday (Feb. 17) and the Hip Hop duo are making their rounds to promote the album.

On Thursday they stopped by ‘The Breakfast Club’ to dish on the project, and got into a lengthy convo about quite a few hot topics including their recent Grammy nominations (which they ultimately lost), Grammy politics, Remy’s miscarriage as documented on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ and Remy’s forthcoming album ‘Seven Winters, Six Summers’.

They even zeroed in on Rem’s alleged feud with rap rival Nicki Minaj (19:90 mark)

Get into the highlights below courtesy of Rap Up.

REMY MA ON NICKI MINAJ BEEF RUMORS: “If you look at the history of Remy Ma, whenever I’ve had a problem with any female in the entire game, I will say your name. I don’t want you thinking about it like, ‘Oh my God. Is she talking about me? You think she’s talking about me?’ I am going to say your government. I’m going to look it up and say your mother’s name, your father’s name, your kids’ name. I want you to know I’m talking about you. What people don’t understand is, I really feel like I am the best. I believe that I am the best. I’m supposed to feel like that. I don’t even know why they’re comparing me to these girls. I feel like I’m better than a lot of these guys. I will rap circles around them. No problem. With my eyes closed. I don’t sit there and think like, ‘Oh my God, she’s probably talking about me.’ I don’t even get in that vain because I don’t play fair. I’m reformed, I’m changed, but I’m not that much changed…I can’t smack anybody. I can’t go find your party, hunt you down, like ‘Who you was talking about?’ I can’t do that. I just write.”

FAT JOE ON REMY MA: “She the best chick in the game. That’s just the bottom line. There’s no way around it.”

FAT JOE ON CHANCE THE RAPPER: “I’m a fan of Chance the Rapper. I feel like Chance the Rapper could have won verse of the year on any category with [‘Ultralight Beam’]. That verse was from God. But he won an award, the [Best] New Artist [award], that ain’t been a rapper that won that shit in 18 years, since Lauryn Hill. When Lauryn Hill won that, she won that after selling 30 million Fugee records and then went on her solo classic album. Chance the Rapper, I know him from the rhyme of a lifetime and I know him from that one single.”

REMY MA ON CHANCE THE RAPPER: “I really was happy with the nomination because I know how it works. I was looking at it…I was in L.A. for the past month straight. I was driving like, ‘If he’s a nominee, why is Chance the Rapper on the Grammy poster board?’ Congratulations to him, but I’m just saying. If you driving and you know that that the awards is coming, and you see the person who’s in the category, and they picked him to be on their billboard…”

FAT JOE ON PLATA O PLOMO: “The album was done before we put out ‘All the Way Up.’ The problem with the album was that my distributor was like, ‘We’re selling 50,000 singles a week. Why do you wanna put out the album? You going double platinum. You already killin’ and makin’ money. That was the fight.”

FAT JOE ON PAPOOSE: “One day we went to 10 interviews. Every time we came in the car, it was some new slippers, we come down from the radio station, flowers, we come down, tickets to a play. I never took my wife to a play in my life. I had to pull him to the side like, ‘You gotta stop this, B. Stop what you doing, bro. You messin’ it up for ni**as!’”

REMY MA ON HER MISCARRIAGE: “That was definitely something I had to think about and took some coercing. To me, it was so personal…You are embarrassed, ashamed, you feel like it’s your fault, and it’s something you don’t want to talk about. When I was going through it, I was really depressed, real bad. [Papoose] was like, ‘Babe, you think you’re the only woman in the world going through this? You’re not the only person. That made something click in me. I was like, ‘Maybe I should put it out there.’”

Have an hour to spare? Watch the full interview below.

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