Uh Oh! K. Michelle Has A Lesbian Sextape & She Says She Is Being Extorted Over It [Video]

Posted November 8, 2014


Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

K. Michelle might be the latest ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star to join the celebrity sex tape club, in the likes of Ray J, Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith, etc.

The singer who is gearing up to release her sophomore album ‘Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart’ in December sat down with GlobalGrind to chat about a number of things including her new boyfriend, of course her new VH1 reality show, being robbed by a friend and surprisingly how she is being extorted by a woman who she had sex with who is claiming to have made a sex tape of them and is threatening to sell it.

“Yeah girl, you know I dibble and dabble, honey,” “This girl says she have a sex tape with me … of me and her and another girl having sex.” she tells the outlet.

“Yeah I did that,” adding, “Just make sure —  if you gonna leak something — make sure it’s airbrushed, make sure I look good.”

K goes on to say that she isn’t even sure if there is a tape but does recall the night in question was five years ago, but she could care less about the threats to leak it.

“Whoever want to leak a f—ing tape, go f—ing right ahead,” she said. “But I don’t even think she have one, I think it’s just extortion. I’m going through a lot. A lot of people are trying to get money from me,” she declared. News of this possible sex tape going public seems to be the latest attempt.

via K. Michelle Instagram Although K. Michelle has been keeping the
K. Michelle may have just released her latest album Kimberly: The People I Used To

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