The Shade! Wendy Williams’ YouTube Channel, Instagram, Website, and All Previous Show Content/Online Presence DELETED! Outraged Fans Blame Debmar-Mercury

Posted July 5, 2022

Fans of ‘The Wendy Williams Show‘ and the daytime diva are highly upset after they noticed on Monday, that all of Wendy’s social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, her website, and all its content had been deleted from the web.

The website had been scrubbed completely, while its Instagram and YouTube accounts could no longer be found when searching for them.

The shocking move comes just two weeks after the final episode of the show aired and as Wendy’s former production company, Debmar Mercury gears up for the new Sherri Shepherd show taking Wendy’s former time slot.

While fans are still reeling that Williams was unable to join the final season of her show due to her ongoing health issues, and only received a 10-minute tribute video as part of the send-off episode which also didn’t include Wendy, the news that her complete legacy of the show has been erased has them even more upset.

It was previously reported that all of Wendy’s belongings including her iconic purple chair, wigs, and other items were being tossed from the Wendy studios.

Wendy’s new manager, Will Selby later confirmed that he ultimately was able to retrieve her items before they could be discarded and revealed that the purple chair will be part of Wendy’s new podcast that is currently being worked out.

Fans are outraged at the news and even speculating that Wendy’s former production company Debmar-Mercury is behind the move.

Variety previously reported that not only had the show’s YouTube channel been deleted, but the domains ‘wendywilliamsproductions’ and ‘wendyshow,’ which previously hosted the show’s production company and the show’s website, respectively, were listed as available for a GoDaddy auction.

So far, neither Williams nor her production company have commented on the deletion, which also saw the show’s Instagram page disappear.

It’s unclear which entity opted to have the content removed. Her YouTube video presumably brought in money from ad revenue, so deleting them cuts off a profit source.

‘Demar Mercury, you need to stop being messy [sic],’ complained one fan. ‘Every time I say I’m going to watch the Sherri show, you guys do some clown s***. Regardless of how the show ended, all of you could’ve kept the social media platform’s like any other show! Sherri watch your ‘team’ #WendyWilliams.’


Very disheartening news and very tasteless if it is true that the move came from Debmar-Mercury. We here still have our infamous Wendy footage stored and saved!

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