The Gloves Are Off: Blac Chyna JUST Shared Screenshots of Tyga’s Text Messages Revealing He Wants To Get Back Together [Photos]

Posted April 23, 2015


If you thought the “lip” shade Blac Chyna threw at Kylie Jenner that we showed you HERE yesterday was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet. Following that post on the same day (April 22) Chyna shared a few more indirect tweets aimed at the young trendsetter who is dating Tyga, Chyna’s ex boyfriend and father of her child.

She tweeted “Patiently waiting…4 months” which is the amount of time until Kylie’s 18th  birthday. Then moments later she tweeted a few more subliminal shots at the Kardashian clan daring them to jump in (a reference to when Khloe Kardashian jumped in and defended her sister back when Chyna’s friend Amber Rose called her and her family out back in February).



Kylie then took to Twitter to send her own subliminal message to Blac Chyna, posting an image of a $40,000 Cartier bracelet allegedly given to her by Tyga.


That prompted this follow up post by Chyna


and this..

A video posted by (@blacchyna) on

This evening though (April 23) Chyna took the gloves all the way off and has taken the on going feud to a new level. A level that just might spell the end of Tyga and Kylie’s alleged relationship.

Chyna took to her Instagram to share screenshots of text message convos between she and Tyga where he allegedly suggests that he wants to get back with Chyna for the sake of his family.


WOW! no response from Kylie yet but check out Tyga’s indirect response HERE!

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