Tamar, Towanda & Trina Braxton Fuel ‘Braxton Family Values’ Dispute Rumors with WEtv via New Instagram Posts [Photos]

Posted July 2, 2018

Traci Braxton Instagram

Last week it was reported that the remainder of season 6 of ‘Braxton Family Values‘ was put on hold and filming had stopped, as the family is holding out for more money from WEtv.

Although the ladies, nor the network confirmed this to be true, it is looking more and more like it’s true as Tamar Braxton and the other sisters have been taking to Instagram making very subtle posts regarding their current situation.

Without naming names, the ladies (specifically Tamar) has called out a “network” that has been trying to manipulate and alter their story lines and cause division within their sister hood. Get into the lengthy caption in her post below.

There is nothing like going to your Parents house and finding old 1996 HORRIBLE pictures of yourself!! ??Can you believe I thought I was FAT??!???‍♀️(I’d sure like to be that size now lord??) this was back in the day when I shot the “so many ways” video with my then skinner sisters @trinabraxton1 @itowandabraxton ❤it’s so funny how you see yourself then,and how it parallels to now. (??‍♀️ confession) I STILL struggle with body dysmorphia to THIS DAY all because a record executive told me I was too fat at 11 to be more of a “commercial “ artist.. only to end up having BIG R&B hits TODAY!!! ( which was fine with me cause thats how I saw myself THEN in the FIRST place)…The Same as thing goes for me and my sisters…. We STARTED having major OVER THE TOP family issues because some network wanted to compete with old love and hip hop numbers, And felt that our family was to “perfect” and un relatable ? ( Thats another story)…But only to realize that our problems are JUST like everyone else’s.. AND this BLACK FAMILY IS FINE THE WAY WE ARE!!!! & ☝? I must mention we must be like somebody’s family cause our “boring” family has the LONGEST running BLACK family reality show EVER in HISTORY ?….I say all that to say people will try to turn you into whatever they want you to be for their benefit! When are you going to be who YOU truly are for your OWN benefit? We put ourselves through hell to be however someone else see’s us..how about if you are going to work at something, WORK ON YOU FOR YOU and have the faith that GOD made you this way on purpose! Because really what other’s see is your greatness and want to TRICK you into thinking otherwise to USE you!! (See previous post) This is why having Esteem of YOURSELF is so important!! Because once you decide to choose YOU and what YOU like??….. maaaaaaaannn watch out!! Here you come!!! Do yourself a favor and STAY ?? on?? they?? NECK!!! #thatsall #haveablessedday??

A post shared by Tamar Braxton ❤ (@tamarbraxton) on

It didn’t end there! Towanda Braxton also took to IG over the weekend and shared an image with a caption that talked about knowing your worth, and she tagged all of her sisters in the post.

Trina Braxton capped it off, by posting a simple image thanking fans who have supported the Braxton’s. Some followers jumped in the comments suggesting that Trina’s post was sort of a “goodbye” to the fans or suggesting that the show was ending, but that has not been confirmed.

To everyone who’s supporting/supported us. ❤

A post shared by Trina Braxton (@trinabraxton1) on

Following her lengthy statement where she broke her silence on her recent suicide attempt, and
Tamar Braxton has broken her silence after being hospitalized several weeks ago after a drug

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