Sigh: Lil Scrappy Talks His Transphobic Comments, Says Trans Women Should Disclose Their Birth Sex,”Real Men” Don’t Want a Trans Woman [Video]

Posted August 17, 2016


Lil Scrappy may be getting himself into some hot water once again surrounding his views on the transgender community, after a recent interview where he opened up yet again on his thoughts of trans women.

Just for backstory, the rapper had previously spoke about his thoughts of Caitlyn Jenner, and the current trans empowerment movement. During an interview on ‘Truth TV’ in 2015, he stated that Jenner’s transition was a “racist situation” because if a black man were to have transitioned into a woman, she would not have gotten the same kind of acceptance Jenner received.

“No black man can stand up and say, ‘You know, my whole life I felt like a woman, but I was just holding it down for my kids and my bitch,'” Lil Scrappy said in the interview. “We say that shit, n—a, we’d get assassinated — by us. We don’t play that shit. Black folk don’t play that shit.”

He continued to emphasis that he has no issue with gay or bi-sexual people, but seemingly just some of the trans community.

“I love my dick… I do not want to be a woman,”  “For the world of young kids, for the world of young little boys, stick to what you were made to be. If you got a penis, be a penis.”

Well that interview was in 2015, but this past season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ Scrappy was called to the carpet by his mother Momma Dee on his controversial statements. His mother revealed that she did not raise him to be so close minded and ignorant, and that she totally disapproved of his statements. She took to Instagram back in March to also speak on it.

He was also called out by his cast mates Betty Idol and D. Smith, who happens to be a trans woman herself and the first trans member to join the franchise.

Well fast forward to this week, Scrappy stopped by ‘The Breakfast Club‘ to chat about his music, his engagement to Bambi, the drama of having your life play out in front of reality cameras, and more. Then the subject of his past comments on the trans community came up and it went downhill from there.

Scrappy says that he feels his views were misunderstood and attempts to clarify them, but he almost does just as much damage as he did the first time. The rapper says he doesn’t like trans people who don’t reveal to others that they are trans, and make people believe they were born as a female.

He also says that despite a trans woman now “feeling like they are a woman,” their DNA shows they are still a man.He also says he doesn’t understand men who sleep with trans women, and claims no “real man” would want “that.”

Watch the interview below, and get into his remarks at the 12:35 mark

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