Shots Fired: ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Star Calls Out Tyrese For Giving Oral Sex To Male Producer For ‘Baby Boy’ Role, Jamie Foxx & Other “Alleged” Gay Stars [Must See]

Posted October 21, 2014


So we are taking this with a grain of salt, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Actor, comedian and star of Nick Cannon‘s  ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Carlos ‘Spanky’ Hayes is about to be in some hot water after calling out some black celebs who he says are undercover gay and have exchanged sexual favors with men for work as well as host parties where some suspect activity goes down.

Now its no secret that in Hollywood you tend to get more gigs by sleeping your way to the top, and making “connections”. In fact some of the names called out in the allegation we have heard rumors about in the past, as well as friends of some of these folks but we won’t go into them.

During a radio interview Carlos revealed on air his experience at an audition for the movie ‘Baby Boy’ how the competition started with 30 top actors, some he didn’t think he stood a chance against. Somehow though he made it through and found himself in competition with an actor whose name he didn’t say outright but subliminally did. He revealed:

“We both sit down and the [producer] goes, ‘I love both of you guys, both of you are talented. But which one of you guys is gonna s**k my c**k.”

“I busted out laughing because a m*thaf*cka ain’t never talk to me like that. And what f*cked me up though is that other dude wasn’t laughing…. And I looked at both of them, and was like aww hell naw. And to keep it real, he got the leading role…. BABY BOY.”

Clearly the lead role in ‘Baby Boy’ was given to actor/singer Tyrese which is what Carlos alluded to, but he didn’t stop there. He went on to reveal that he has been to parties of other actors where they were playing fully nude basketball with each other, and once again he didn’t say names but revealed it was the house of a ‘Boyz In Da Hood’ star:

“I’m sure every man in [this room] has been to his house, but probably ain’t never seen what I saw. And they were playing butt nekkid basketball… and I ain’t gonna say nothing else…”

He even called out actor Jamie Foxx (who as we said earlier we’ve heard MANY a gay rumors about for years as well as some of his friends) for hitting on him:

“I have been hit on by someone before, but I won’t say their name…Willie Beamen.” Foxx played Willie Beamen on the hit film Any Given Sunday.

None of the actors in question have responded to Carlos’ allegations as of yet, but we are sure someone will soon. Peep his interview below to get all the dirt.



Update: Tyrese has responded to the accusations, peep his reply HERE


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