She Sold Out! Sheree Whitfield Reveals ‘She By Sheree’ Has Sold Out After Less Than 3 Days “We Are Excited To Refresh & Relaunch”+Fashion Show Finale Brings In Highest Ratings For Season 14 [Details]

Posted September 8, 2022
image via She By Sheree


After over a decade of waiting, Sheree Whitfield finally launched her ‘She By Sheree’ fashion line on Sunday night following the season 14 finale of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ which also served as the official fashion show for the highly-anticipated line.

The demand for the line (which consists of athleisure wear, tees, and joggers) was so high that the SBS website immediately crashed following the finale and announcement that the site was up and ready for business.

Sheree responded to the crash which she said was based on “overwhelming interest” and an “influx of love,” and assured supporters that the issue was “being worked on” and urged them to check back in periodically. 

“We are working to get this quickly resolved,” she wrote in a statement posted on the website. “We wish to serve you soon. Thank you for your interest. Thanks to the customers whom we were able to serve so far tonight.” 

By Monday and Tuesday, the site was still down for many while some were able to get through and able to view the items up for sale. 

Fans who were able to get through began taking to social media to vent about the prices for Sheree’s pieces which they said are identical to items being sold on sites such as Amazon and Shein for much less. 

Sheree’s pieces ranged from $40 for baseball caps to $120-$140 for jogger sets and tees.

Despite the heavy criticism and ongoing critique, the anticipation for the line and the almost 14-year wait has proved to pay off.

As of Wednesday night (Sep. 7), Sheree has issued a fresh statement on her site revealing that the demand was so high that the line has officially sold out and is currently preparing to restock.

No word on when fans can expect the site to be restocked and items back up for sale. Sheree took to her Instagram to reflect on all she’s been through over the years working to bring the line to fruition.

When I look back at everything I see how far I have come. I have always had an eye for fashion and even had a luxurious boutique Bella Azul Which catered to the country’s elite. I was determined to create my own generational wealth for my kids. Freshly out of a divorce I wanted to regain my independence and get back to my first love which is fashion. It’s been a long 14 years as I have had hiccups and even moments of letting go of my dreams of having my own fashion line. It’s extremely hard when funding a fashion line by yourself with no backing behind you. Let She By Shereé be the example of perseverance for independent women

That’s not all! The SBS fashion show/season finale episode helped RHOA bring in its highest ratings so far for season 14.

Kudos to Sheree, She By Sheree, and RHOA! Part 1 of the RHOA season 14 reunion airs this Sunday, September 11 on Bravo!

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