Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora BOTH File For Divorce After Nearly 9 Years of Marriage “There Is No Chance Or Hope of Reconciliation”

Posted March 1, 2023

In news that may (or may not) come as a surprise to fans, Drew Sidora and her husband, Ralph Pittman have both filed for divorce after almost 9 years of marriage. While PEOPLE initially reported that Ralph filed, it appears they both filed on the same day just minutes apart.

According to documents obtained by PEOPLE, Pittman’s petition for divorce was received on Monday. He is seeking to end his partnership with The Game actress after nearly nine years and several seasons under the scrutiny of their costars.

Pittman, 37, listed the couple’s separation date as last Thursday, and the papers noted, “There is no chance or hope of reconciliation” between the spouses.

Sidora, 37, wed Pittman in August 2014. They later welcomed son Machai in June 2015 and daughter Aniya in February 2018. The That’s So Raven alum also has an 11-year-old son, Josiah, from a previous relationship.

Many of the couple’s marital woes leading up to their divorce were chronicled on RHOA.

Last year, Sidora discovered a suspicious text message between her husband and his female assistant (who was later fired). “Finding out my husband was getting close with his assistant was really hard for me,” she said on the show. “I packed up my kids and we went to Chicago. I literally ran away from home.”

Sidora also said she wanted Pittman to “respect the relationship.”


TMZ later provided an update on the matter.

We now have a clearer picture of how nasty and petty this divorce is going to be — turns out Drew actually filed for divorce before Ralph … 61 minutes before him!

TMZ obtained her divorce petition, and the Gwinnett Co. court stamped it as received on Feb. 27 at 1:10 PM. Meanwhile, Ralph’s docs were stamped at 2:11 PM that same day. Interestingly, she lists their separation date as Feb. 23 … while he says it was Feb. 19.

One more thing … both parties say the marriage is “irretrievably broken,” and that’s why they’re filing for divorce. However, Drew also says she “reserves the right to add additional ground for divorce” if they can’t reach an amicable settlement.

Ralph laid out what he wants out of their split … touching on how he wants to handle their 2 kids and their shared property.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Ralph — who says he and Drew separated on Feb. 19 of this year — makes it clear he wants joint physical and legal custody of their 7-year-old son Machai and 5-year-old daughter Aniya. Drew has another kid from a prior relationship.

While he might not be fighting her on the kid front, he is pushing back on the notion of paying spousal support — noting Drew makes good enough money from her reality TV job. Although he says she’s rolling in Bravo dough … Ralph claims she hasn’t made any financial contributions to the household throughout a majority of their partnership.

Then come the cars … Ralph says he wants his Porsche Taycan and his 2018 Cadillac — while calling on Drew to be responsible for her own 2021 Cadillac. No word yet on their crib.

The new season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is set to air this Spring, so fans will get to see what leads up to this news.

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