Phaedra Parks Says “Never Say Never” For Her ‘RHOA’ Return But NOT For Season 11+Kenya Moore Back In Negotiation To Return?

Posted August 23, 2018

Phaedra Instagram/Kenya Instagram

Despite previously teasing her return to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ and reports that Bravo was courting her back, Phaedra Parks has now confirmed that she will not be returning to the show…at least for now.

The Southern Belle (who’s been on a promo run this week with Traci Braxton as a “fill in” cast member for the remainder of ‘Braxton Family Values‘ season 6) told US Magazine that after this temporary stint on BFV, she has her own project coming out on WEtv.

“You know, I have closed that chapter, and I’ve moved on to new things,” the 44-year-old told Us at WE tv’s Celebration of the new season of Braxton Family Values on Tuesday, August 21. “I’m now with WE tv and I’m very happy and very excited about the opportunities that they’ve presented to me. So, you know, that’s a done deal at the moment. I never say never, but you know, I’ve moved on to greener pastures.”

She also dished on the public perception of her.

“I don’t know if there, you know, obviously everyone’s going to always have their own perception of who you are. And you won’t be able to change it,” she explained. “People will love you, people will hate you, but at the end of the day, like I say at every funeral, what’s important is what you accomplish in the dash. And I know within my dash I can say I’ve given to the community, I’ve established scholarships, I’ve nurtured children. I’ve seen no less than 20 children come through my law office, graduate successfully and become lawyers. And so, when I die, I’m very confident that there will be numerous people that can stand up and say, this was a stand-up woman.”

She then expanded on what to expect from her time on BFV.

“I’ll be on numerous episodes with Traci, and I think they’re gonna be fabulous,” Parks teased. “You need to tune in, because it’s something different .You know, anytime I come on the scene, it’s gonna be fabulous. So you know, tune in.”

Welp, there’s that. We’re sure WEtv will announce her new show soon, and we’ll be on the lookout for it.

Meanwhile, reports are surfacing that Bravo execs are now interested in courting Kenya Moore back to RHOA for the current season after back and forth contract negotiations that ended with Kenya walking away weeks ago. Her firing even prompted some of her loyal fans to march to Bravo offices to call for a boycott of the network until she was welcomed back on the show.

Well according to UNCONFIRMED reports by the usually unreliable MTO, the network is reengaging in fresh contract negotiations to get her back for season 11.

According to our MTO snitch, the production team sent over to BRAVO executives an early screening of footage from the new season of the Atlanta Housewives – and Bravo is NOT HAPPY with what they saw.

One person close to the network told MTO News, “Their was no real action. Aside from Marlo and Kandi/Todd, everyone was boring.” The insider claims that the Bravo team has now RE-ENGAGED representatives of Kenya Moore to see if they can convince her to RETURN TO THE SHOW.

The insider added, “I don’t know if Kenya even wants to return, but [Bravo] is now trying to get her back.”

This has not been confirmed by Bravo or Kenya, but the season 11 premiere is right around the corner as it returns this November, and filming is still in full swing. We’re sure we’ll hear something soon (or not).

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