Here For It: Malaysia Pargo Says Draya, Bambi, Laura Govan Should Have Come Back To ‘Basketball Wives’ For Fair LA/Miami Showdown

Posted August 17, 2017


Following a rocky season of ‘Basketball Wives’ that centered around the drama between Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie, BBWLA original Malaysia Pargo is now speaking up on her thoughts of this past season.

In a new interview with VH1, the “Trained to go killer” revealed her feelings on the ongoing issues with Jackie and her daughter Takari Lee, the drama with Evelyn following her return to the show, and her beef with Jackie. She also opens up on departing the show for season 6 before being begged back, Shaunie O’ Neal saying she and Brandi Maxiell had no substance, and her wish for a few past BBWLA cast mates to come back.

What did you think when you learned that Evelyn would be returning to the franchise?

Malaysia Pargo: Evelyn returning, for me, I was like, “Perfect, the more the merrier.” I felt like it was an even playing field and there was room for all of us to showcase who we are and what we’re about.

There was a moment where you were arguing with Evelyn about the only reason she was back was because you and Brandi weren’t supposed to be. What was going on behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes, I believe Evelyn wanted [this season] to be a Miami situation without the [Basketball Wives] LA cast. I feel like she initially tried to take away the LA cast and try and do it on her own but was not able to so that’s why I came back.

What did it feel like when Shaunie alluded to you not having substance? Were you hurt?

In the beginning I was just like, wow, like you and I have never had an issue with each other. It was very unfair because I have children and it’s very hurtful for your children and their friends to see another grown woman sit and tell your mother that she doesn’t have substance. I have kids that I’m raising to look up to me so it was a very sad situation but I needed to just sit there and be sane and let her tell me because I can take constructive criticism if it’s true. But you’re kind of talking out of your ass to just say anything because you just said, “I don’t know you but the couple of times I’ve sat with you it was nothing.” We can’t really talk about race or religion or things that normal adults would talk about because we have to sit and talk about [what’s happening] on the show. You haven’t had a chance to talk to me about the important things.

What did you think of Jackie’s relationship with her daughter Ta’Kari being such a plot point? Was it hard being in the middle of that?

It was definitely a hard seat to sit in because I love hard and to see my friend have to explain herself to complete strangers and to people she knows don’t care about her situation [with her daughter] was very uncomfortable for me. I feel like if you’re not going to have this discussion or bring a situation to the forefront to make it better, if you didn’t have a solution to make it better, than I just don’t know why it was something that was talked about over and over again with still no solution to make the situation better between her and her daughter.

I assume you and Brandi have stayed in touch since the show, did you guys discuss what was going on behind the scenes together?

You don’t have to assume that we are still friends because we were friends before the show. Brandi and I have almost a 12 year relationship. Our friendship was not something that was made up for the show, it was something that was already in place before we got on the [Basketball Wives].

When we decided to walk away from the show that was the end of it. When we were approached [about coming] back to the show then we decided we would come back and do whatever we wanted to do. I feel like there was a sneak attack on how much we would be on the show because they wanted it to be a Miami situation vs. a Miami and LA situation. I feel like the LA [cast], as women, were totally open for us all to work together but we were excluded.

Not knowing the capacity of your role this season, how did it feel in the end?

The funny thing is, you keep saying, I didn’t know what my capacity was but I actually did walk in knowing exactly what I was doing. From my understanding, it was even playing field when I came back after I said, no, a million times and I finally said, yes, it was even playing field.

Now, the other ladies had some other things they wanted for Brandi and I and yes, they did not want us on the show because they wanted it to be a Miami situation but they couldn’t get their Miami situation back so, that’s why it was a very frustrating situation because I feel like we are all women, we can work together, and instead of you trying to exclude [us] or trying to take money out of our [pockets]. You should have just embraced us because we embraced you.

If the show returns for another season, would you come back after this one?

I feel like Basketball Wives LA is something I initially started from pitching the show, I was definitely in the pitch meeting and walking on that first season. So, if there is another season, it’s my baby and it’s something that I helped keep going season after season. So, yes, I definitely see myself coming back and I’m a fighter, so anyone that doesn’t want me there I’ll make sure you see that I’m there.

Was there any part of you that wishes that some of your other former LA cast mates came back this season? Like Draya Michele?

I really feel like, had we known what Miami was planning, it would have been a better show, had they allowed all of us to do the same thing. If we were to have a Draya, a Laura Govan, and Jackie, Brandi, me, and maybe even Bambi [Benson], we would definitely have a very trill show. [Laughs]

Oh my god, I would love that show. Do you maintain a relationship with Draya or Laura Govan?

I definitely do not speak to Draya, at all, but I could definitely film with her because I want to see her win. But Laura I do see out a lot and we do talk in depth and I love her. When it’s all said and done if they put the cast together, we could all work together.
I would love to see Bambi come back! I know she and Scrappy have broken up and she said she won’t return to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, have you guys talked about her returning to Basketball Wives?
We have not had that conversation but a lot of people would love to see her back only because she is so dope. She’s from LA and she was on her show before so I don’t know see why not. Bambi and I have known each other since we were 17 years old. She was there for the birth of all three of my children, she stood up at my wedding that is my real true friend.

Get into more of the interview HERE.

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