Joe Budden On Lil Fizz: “I’ll Break That Lil Boy, I’ll Have Fizz Coming Out of Fizz” Following Fizz’s Anal Nudes Leaking [Video]

Posted December 19, 2022

One thing Joe Budden is going to do is troll us!

Following the viral photos of Lil Fizz aka Fizz dropping last week, now Budden has made some interesting remarks in regard to the former B2K member.

During a recent episode of his podcast which airs on his own Joe Budden Network, the ‘Pump It Up’ star teased that he would “break” Fizz and “have Fizz coming out of Fizz” if they were to have a sexual encounter. Joe was apparently late in finding out about Fizz’s viral leak but once he got word, he made it known how he felt about it.

“Aye, Lil Fizz, you’re lucky I ain’t see this news sooner. I would have started with this one, buddy. But this why I’ma fight y’all, ’cause y’all have eyes and know some of this is funny. If this n-gga got his ass tooted up in the air on OnlyFans, somebody need to know about that.”

He went on to say:

“Do I like skinny people? Lil Fizz too small for me. I’d break that lil boy. I’d have fizz coming out of Fizz, man. Get this n-gga outta here.”


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This isn’t the first time Joe has opened up about the possibility of his sexuality being fluid. He previously went viral after saying on his podcast that he was bisexual, although it wasn’t clear if he was trolling or telling the truth.

No response from Fizz on the matter but Joe took to Twitter to react to the commentary online.

Joe previously teased his sexuality on his podcast and then dived into it a bit more on Math Hoffa’s ‘My Expert Opinion’ podcast earlier this year when the host quizzed him on the subject.

“I’m not ready to share my personal journey. I’m not ready to let you guys into my world. Only do n-ggas in Hip Hop think that’s cool — ‘Yo, I heard you say something. Yeah, you like dick?’ Only in Hip Hop do n-ggas think that’s not an intrusive question. That is invasive, that is intrusive. That’s my lifestyle to share, not yours. That’s not your place to pull me out of the closet.

“You’re asking me who I like to fuck, is that what you’re asking me? That’s my own business. I’m not saying what I’m saying because I’m worried about what one of you n-ggas think about my sexuality. If I’m bi, we’d still be- you don’t know if I am or ain’t, but if I was, what do you think would be different about my answer right now?”

“Let’s go with I am, what would be different about this room, this situation right now? Absolutely nothing. If I’m bi, what would make you think I’m looking at you. What is wrong with you n-ggas in here? You n-ggas is nuts. You just assume that you the type of a bi n-gga. What the fuck is going on in Hip Hop, yo? Only in Hip Hop.”

Get into it at the 2:50 mark below.

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