Jackée Harry Joins The Cast of ‘Pose’ For Final Season, Details on Her Role Revealed+Final Season First Look [Video]

Posted April 30, 2021

Jackée Harry is one busy lady these days! well, she’s always stayed booked and busy.

The veteran comedian/actress who recently joined the hit soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’ has just snagged yet another gig on a major series.

Jackée will appear on the upcoming third and final season of ‘Pose‘ on FX, and details on her character were unleashed and we’re so here for it.

Season 3 jumps ahead to 1994. As the AIDS crisis continues to decimate the queer community, the future looms large for our protagonists: Pray Tell, crushed by the emotional toll of watching so many of his friends die, drinks away his fear of succumbing to a similar fate. Blanca, also HIV-positive but back to full health, considers nursing school, encouraged by her new doctor boyfriend, Christopher (Hollywood’s Jeremy Pope). After her dominatrix gig is shut down by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s campaign against “quality of life” crimes in NYC, Elektra (Dominique Jackson) begins building a phone sex empire. Angel (Indya Moore) and Papi (Angel Bismark Curiel) set a date for their wedding, just as a soapy secret from Papi’s past emerges to screw things up.

The final seven episodes also spend a decent amount of time looking to the past. Remember that secret stuffed into Elektra’s steamer trunk? It comes to the fore once again in episode 3, a robust outing that explores the origins of House Abundance as well as Elektra’s heart-wrenching estrangement from her mother (the increasingly indispensable Noma Dumezweni). Jackson’s hilarious style of scenery-chewing is an acquired taste, but she’s also grown tremendously as a dramatic actress — and she still gets all the best lines. (“Gray is not a skin tone. You have hit epidermal rock bottom!”) Porter’s showcase episode finds Pray traveling home to make things right with his biological family, including a repentant aunt played by none other than Jackée Harry. (Give her a round of snaps, y’all!)


Jackée took to her social media to confirm the news.

‘Pose’ returns on May 2, but you can get into the first look below.

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