Following The Weeknd’s Lackluster Performance, Here Are Several Acts Who Would Be Better Picks For Superbowl Halftime Show

Posted February 7, 2021

After months of teasing and anticipation from his fans, The Weeknd took to the stage at the Superbowl LV Halftime Show in Tampa, FL, and delivered well, not much more than we expected of him.

The singer reportedly paid $7million of his own money to cover additional production costs for the performance, according to the singer himself, but we can’t quite understand why–and quite frankly, he should have saved his funds.

If you missed it, get into the ‘American Idol’ worthy performance below.


To be honest, we don’t know who thought it was a good idea to have The Weeknd, be the headline performer for such a highly coveted spot. Following the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and more, why would anyone think that The Weeknd could live up to that kind of top billing?

Here are just a few of the other acts that could have, and should have, and are long overdue for their Halftime Show spot! In no particular order!

Chris Brown


Diddy & The Bad Boy Family

Cardi B


Rihanna (while Riri has reportedly been asked multiple times to do the big show, she has repeatedly declined (allegedly). Hopefully, one day she can take the stage and give the people what they’ve been waiting for).

Missy Elliott (While Ms. Supa Dupa Fly joined Katy Perry in 2015 as a guest for her Halftime show, she is long overdue for her own SOLO showing, and NO ONE is better suited than M.I.S.S.Y. to hit the stage. Her Supa Dupa Fly visuals, ENDLESS HITS on top of HITS, and out of this world concepts that inspired a generation, her potential set could become one of the most show-stopping performances that the Halftime Show has ever seen.

Jay Z

Pharrell Williams/N.E.R.D.

Britney Spears (Although she was a guest as part of the Aerosmith’s Halftime show in 2001, Brit is more than capable of holding her own set and has hits for days to do so).

Who would you like to see take the Halftime stage next year, and in the future?

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