Eff It: Mariah Carey Has Lip Sync Fail & Walks Off Stage During Performance While Track Continues To Play [Video]

Posted February 1, 2015


In a matter of weeks legendary singer Mariah Carey is set to kick off her Las Vegas residency as we previously told you. Before that begins we certainly hope MC and her team get her stage show together because this weekend footage from a recent performance has surfaced and has us scratching our heads.

Mariah who is no stranger to a few bad performances as of late, hit up  the Jazz & Blues Festival in Jamaica on Friday and had yet another lip sync malfunction, so much so that at several points she just stops lipping altogether. At the same concert, while performing her no. 1 hit ‘We Belong Together’ MC at one point just casually vanishes from the stage while the track is still playing.

Take a look at the foolishness below.

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