Coko Addresses Her ‘Verzuz’ Demeanor/Says She Witnessed a Shooting & Suffered an Anxiety Attack Shortly Before

Posted May 10, 2021

The highly-anticipated ‘Verzuz‘ with SWV and Xscape finally went down on Saturday night, and fans of both groups were in sheer 90s R&B heaven.

While many enjoyed the showing, there was some criticism from viewers who noticed that SWV lead singer Coko, seemed a bit off. Some stated that the singer seemed disengaged, annoyed, and overall not really present or willing to participate at times.

Well, Coko heard the criticism from fans and viewers online, and decided to address it. The singer took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal a series of shocking events that threw off her energy leading up to the battle.

Last night as I’m preparing for Verzuz, a lady was shot outside my hotel window. To see & hear the four shots, see her laying on the ground and all the blood was unbelievable!! Thennnn…I get to the venue and had a really bad anxiety attack!😱 Literally crying & screaming. Yeah y’all saw me looking uncomfortable & irritated during the first half but, if it wasn’t for my son @jayyemichael @ynottamiya & @mrljb I probably wouldn’t have been out there at all. Thank you for calming me down & understanding my mental. I love y’all to the fullest!!❤️❤️❤️ I always say most won’t care to understand but when you get those that do cherish them!!🌹🌹🌹 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #verzuz #swv #coko #myvillage

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