Brandy Dishes On Soon To Be Released “Dream Come True” Mariah Carey Collaboration & New Album “I’m Too Inspired and Too On Fire In My Spirit

Posted January 6, 2022

Brandy has taken over our television screens (once again) with the hit series ‘Queens‘ that premiered this past fall, and now the singer is on a promo trail for the series which just had its mid-season premiere this past Tuesday after a brief holiday break.

As part of her promo run, the vocal bible sat down to chop it up with a few outlets including one of our faves over at Rated RnB and she dished on the show, plans for her next album, her soon to be released collaboration with Mariah Carey, her daughter, Syria’s music career, and more.

Get into some of the chat below exclusively via Rated RnB!

You’ve recorded lots of music as part of the Queens soundtrack, including two covers: Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. Has the idea of redoing iconic songs sparked your interest in doing so as Brandy, the artist? 

I haven’t thought about what I would cover yet. I am thinking about where my music is going to go next because I did “Somebody’s Son” with Tiwa Savage. It was Afrobeat. I love that kind of flavor. 

I want to try different things with my music this next go-round, not just stick to R&B. I’m not just R&B, it’s more in my core. I want to bring it all out. Whatever else I have left, I just want to give it. 

Speaking of new music, have you started the process of recording a new album or project? 

I’ve been thinking about the project that I’m going to do, but I’ve been filming Queens. That’s been taking up all my time since August. All the music I’ve done on Queens, being able to do music in the studio consistently, it’s inspired me to want to get back, right after Queens, to do my own music. It’s not going to be no eight-year wait next time. I’m too inspired and too on fire in my spirit. I can’t wait.

Before 2021 ended, Mariah Carey hinted at a collaboration that you initiated. What can you tell us about this musical creation? 

I can tell you the experience was so beautiful. She’s breathtaking, number one. She has a beautiful soul. 

For her to be Mariah Carey, she’s just normal, chill, [and] supportive. When I was in the booth, doing whatever she wanted me to do, it was just beautiful to be coached by her. Like, this is one of my favorite singers — top two. Whitney [Houston], and then it’s Mariah. I’m just glad that she invited me over to just sing with her, and we’ll see what happens. I loved working with her. That was a dream come true.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Full Moon. Can you share one memory that comes to mind from that era? 

Well, I was pregnant during Full Moon, and I could hit all of these high notes. I think it was because my baby was in my belly. I remember just being in Miami, working at the Hit Factory with LaShawn Daniels and Rodney Jerkins. Full Moon was happening on one side. Invincible was happening on the other side. Michael Jackson was in the other studio. I’m in one studio. 

Rodney’s coming back telling me all of the secrets that I need to do that Michael Jackson is doing. “You need to do this with your stacks. You need to do this kind of harmony this way. This is the Michael Jackson way. If you want to be the greatest, then you better do this.” 

To get Michael’s codes, like what he would do with his backgrounds, how he would stack his backgrounds, and just to get that kind of information from the greatest. 

Rodney, being one of my favorite producers [and] LaShawn is the greatest, I was just in a beautiful state, just doing that kind of music and then also doing it with my angel with me the whole time. 

We can’t wait for all of it! Check out the full interview HERE! Bran also appeared on GMA this morning, check that out below.

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