Ashanti Breaks Her Silence On Irv Gotti: He Sent Death Threats to Nelly, Flat Out Lied/Has Dumbnesia “Sad To See a Grown Man Conduct Himself In This Manner” & Much More! [Full Interview]

Posted October 26, 2022

Ashanti is breaking her silence!

The former Princess of Murder Inc. Records is finally opening up on the long-standing drama Irv Gotti drama, his controversial statements on his ‘Drink Champs’ interview, the recently aired Murder Inc. documentary, and more.

After over a decade of silence on the matter, Ashanti seemingly clapped back at Irv on the recently released ‘Gotta Move On’ remix by Diddy a few weeks ago.

Now the singer is completely clearing the air during a new sit down on Angie Martinez‘s ‘IRL Podcast’ and the full clip arrived on Wednesday (Oct. 26).

The must-watch clap is a little over an hour long, and worth every minute and she revealed:

“It’s very unfortunate the way Irv decided to handle his documentary. It’s a little sad to see a grown man conduct himself in that manner. I feel like the Murder Inc legacy is so much bigger and we accomplished so much and made amazing history. And I feel like the way he handled it tarnished and cheapened the brand. We all worked so hard for you to be so selfish to throw mud on the name because you might have got a check. It’s so selfish and it’s so degrading.” 

“It wasn’t surprising to me to an extent. Because I accepted a long time ago that that’s the person he is. But now the world is seeing it. I feel irv is mentally not in a good place. You see people that have narcissistic ways. You see people that are very selfish. You see people that are hurt and in pain. And, as a grown woman, I feel like there is a difference between when men are hurt and when women are hurt and how we carry that hurt, and how long we carry that hurt.

I’m not interntionally trying to disrespect someone and intentially trying to ruin someone.

When a man loses control. And can’t manipulate, can’t dictate, and can’t tell you what to do with your finances, can’t control where you go or who you’re with, I think that gets to a man’s ego. So he turns to bashing. Turns to intimidation. Turns to trying to make you look bad to boost his own ego. It’s really sad.

When someone is in pain, they kind of act out of character…and I see a lot of feminine qualities.” 

Other highlights include:

Irv would manipulate her and tell her other producers didn’t want to work with her only for her to find out years later that producers and writers were indeed reaching out to Irv to work with Ashanti but he declined.

They were never in an actual relationship as he was married, and had several girlfriends.

Ashanti and Ja Rule became closer after a 3-hour conversation the night before he went to jail years ago, where they compared notes and realized Irv was trying to divide and conquer.

Ashanti denies Irv’s claims that she was not supportive during the Murder Inc. trial and basically turned her back on him and the label. Ashanti says that she was shooting a film in Canada and despite it being in her contract that she could not leave the set, she did several times in order to go support him and be at the trial in person. She says there is proof of her being there including photos, footage, and court documents.

When Irv found out that Ashanti was seeing Nelly around the time of the Murder Inc. trial, he blocked her from being able to work in his studios and told her to sign to Nelly’s Dirty ENT label. She says he also sent her death threats to her directed at Nelly as a result of dating him.

Ashanti denies Irv’s ‘Drink Champs’ claims that they wrote ‘Happy’ after having sex together. Ashanti says she wrote the song while in her car on the way to an event with family.

She reveals that she hasn’t spoken to Irv in over a decade, but that he did text her around 2016/2017 to apologize to her for their falling out and promised to not badmouth her.

Ashanti reveals that Ja Rule did call her in advance of the Drink Champs interview airing to warn her about what was said. Ashanti says that Ja told her the interview was edited about 16 times and the final version that fans see is the “light” version.

She also dished on her new music that is on the way including an upcoming EP or album, and a new single that drops this week.

Get into it all below!

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