And It Continues! Tamika Scott & Tiny Clap Back at LaTocha Scott Over Xscape Drama/LaTocha Drops Receipts/Confirms She’s On Break Because Group Sided with Promoter Who Threatened To Kill Her Husband [Pics/Video]

Posted November 16, 2022

The new Xscape and SWV Bravo reality show hasn’t even hit the air yet, and the drama has ensued like wildfire the past few days.

As we previously told you, Xscape is in the midst of an internal feud that is playing out with Kandi Burruss, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, and Tamika Scott on one side while Tamika’s sister, LaTocha Scott is on the other side aka the outs!

To catch up on what’s happened so far, click HERE and HERE.

Now that you’re caught up after LaTocha took to social media early Wednesday, now her “sisters” have responded and things are getting messier by the minute.

Tiny took to her IG to address the drama by posting a meme with the caption “Can’t even enjoy our moment” referencing the drama overshadowing their recent Soul Train Lady of Soul Honor.

Kandi and Tamika both responded in her comments by co-signing with both commenting “Amen.”

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Following that, LaTocha’s blood sister, Tamika took to the comments of a fan to clarify that she was siding with Kandi and Tiny because they were “right” and she was tired of the drama and immaturity of her sister.

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This set things into full swing! LaTocha took back to her IG stories to spill all the tea and clarify the rumors as to why she’s not in the group currently and the drama between her and her sister.

Meanwhile, the girls seemingly threw more shots at Tocha by sharing footage of them preparing for their upcoming shows that will feature just the trio and showed off them re-allocating Tocha’s vocals/parts of their songs.

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What a mess!

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